ExtremeSwitching X620

Product Name
ExtremeSwitching X620

Product family is a compact 10Gb Ethernet switch designed for 10GB edge applications. The family includes 10-port and 16-port 10 GbE versions in a small 1RU form factor ideal for high-performance workgroups requiring 10GB connectivity to servers, storage and clients. The X620 simplifies network operation with its ExtremeXOS modular operating system, used across all ExtremeSwitching networking products and supports intelligent Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 IPv4/IPv6 routing, as well as role-based policy capabilities. The high availability ExtremeXOS operating system provides operational efficiency through the use of one OS everywhere in the network. Full featured ExtremeXOS operating system with advanced features supports switching, edge L3 routing, SDN, Data Center Bridging and Audio Video Bridging applications.

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