Infinera Xceed Software Suite

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Infinera Xceed Software Suite



A portfolio of software solutions that make bandwidth more dynamic and flexible. Xceed combines an open, multi-layer SDN control platform (Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform) with modular, commercially deployable applications (Xceed Applications) that enable new revenue sources while increasing network efficiency. Designed for multi-layer networks and unified SDN control across metro, long-haul and subsea networks, the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform seamlessly interoperates with the Infinera Management Suite, enhancing Infinera’s robust portfolio of software solutions.

Xceed is the first optical transport SDN solution to join the "Powered by OpenDaylight" program. To read more about the Infinera Xceed Software Suite and OpenDaylight, see our press release.

Watch our introduction of the Xceed Software Suite here.

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