User Lifecycle Management (ULM)

Product Name
User Lifecycle Management (ULM)

A platform that overlays legacy systems to enable digital access for every user across core and new cloud services, while powering lifecycle processes necessary to redefine the digital user experience. Features:
* A set of business processes to identify and onboard users based on context (device, network, group, account)
* Processes to verify the userís identity through various aliases and context provided by the user, explicitly or implicitly
* An account, subscription and feature map function to manage a set of discrete entitlements for each user
* Processes to grant users access to services based on underlying entitlements in their subscription & feature mapping
* Processes to enable the association and dissociation of accounts, services and features to users
* Management of usersí profile, privacy and preferences via deep-linking users to third-party
core and cloud services
* Business processes to enable the creation and management of digital households or groups, including invitation, roles and administration
* Processes that allow the real-time sharing of accounts, services and features via delegation and revocation workflows
* Data capture facility that captures a standard usage record for every user interaction
* Full administrative capabilities for CSR and Sys Admin management of users and the platform

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