Unitivity Wideband DAS

Product Name
Unitivity Wideband DAS

In-building cellular connectivity from a single hardware layer thatís made up of four components:

* The hub - can be used as a primary hub or secondary hub depending on the systemís configuration, connects directly to the RF source and brings in the signal thatís being amplified, converting the signal to optical and routing it to either the secondary hub or the remote units. The hub is modular and can interface with up to four RF sources and eight secondary hubs or remotes.
* Service Module - provides the interface to the RF signal source. Up to four can be deployed in a hub, and they are hot swappable, allowing either system maintenance or the addition of operators or frequencies without disrupting service.
* Optical Module - supports fiber links from the hub to the Remotes. Up to eight optical modules can be deployed. They are also hot swappable units, allowing for system maintenance or adding remotes with no impact to service.
* Remote Unit - converts and amplifies the wireless signal for transmission to or from a mobile device. Like the rest of the system, the remote is a wideband unit capable of supporting all frequencies from 150MHz to 2,700MHz in any combination.

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