Ericsson IoT Accelerator

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Ericsson IoT Accelerator



Ericsson IoT Accelerator is a cloud-based horizontal cross-industry offering composed of platform services and professional services for service providers and industries. IoT Accelerator provides a continuous incremental set of functionality offered as-a-Service to enable agile creation and deployment of solutions for the Internet of Things. It acts as a universal translator for app developers, device manufacturers, device onboarding or monetization matters.

Services provided by the IoT Accelerator include IoT Monetization, Enterprise and Cloud Billing and Device and Data Management. The orchestration, integration and automation framework provides functionality for analytics processing, data storage, monetization engine, security e.g. industrial blockchain, as well as enterprise service bus for the integration to enterprise's IT back-end systems. Additionally, access the IoT Marketplace, which enables enterprises' administration capabilities, developer and partner onboarding and API exposure.

Access the IoT Accelerator Marketplace here.

Case Study

In Japan, there has been a lack of readily-available solutions and equipment to help farmers get started with IoT, and to analyze work processes scientifically. To help answer that need, PS Solutions, an IoT integrator, teamed up with manufacturer CKD Corporation and Ericsson to launch an updated e-kakashi platform. Read how Ericsson used AI, IoT and cloud technology in the launch of the e-kakashi platform to help farmers maintain an ideal growing environment for any crop.

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