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Lumada by Hitachi



Lumada by Hitachi is a three-tiered IoT ecosystem of platform, solution cores and co-creation services. As a whole, Lumada accelerates the creation of IoT-based solutions to solve problems and deliver the wanted outcomes. Based on open architecture, solve challenges by connecting physical and digital technologies with Lumada.

* The IoT platform uses artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and asset virtualization called asset avatars to illuminate data and drive better outcomes.

* The solution cores are modular, customizable, prevalidated elements. Hitachi has a collection of repeatable IoT building blocks that can be readily combined to meet challenges.

* Co-creation services enables customers and partners to multiply expertise and innovate and tailor a solution that works. This approach leverages the Lumada IoT platform and solution cores to accelerate time to value and adapt to your needs.

To learn about how Lumada tackles manufacturing floor issues with dynamic scheduling and optimization, read this case study.

Watch how IoT platforms deliver real business outcomes. 451 Research and Hitachi discuss key platform requirements, Hitachi's deep domain expertise and how the Lumada IoT platform from Hitachi provides a unified solution that quickly delivers value.

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