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Unified NexGen Operations (UNO)
is a robotic process automation solution which helps manage operations effectively and efficiently in back and front office operations, thereby improving average handling time and customer experience. UNO has two variants - UNO-P, which is powered by our partner solutions Blueprism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath, and UNO-R, which is completely built in-house. UNO-P takes care of back office automations, whereas UNO-R looks after the unified desktop and front office automation.

UNO is part of Tech Mahindra’s CareXa framework, a customer experience framework. UNO improves efficiency by targeting faster and more accurate issue resolution resulting in improved customer experience and lower costs.

Our offerings include:

* RPA consultancy services
* Build and implement RPA solutions for the contact center back office/IT/IMS service management space
* Build and implement Unified Desktop and automations in the front office operations
* Provide operations support for the all types RPA solutions

To learn more about the UNO solution, watch our video.

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