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Aricent Edge Compute Solutions



Aricent's Edge Compute Solutions
offers CSP’s an easy path to application-centric networks, keeping them relevant and moving at future speed. We help CSPs maximize coordination of their edge compute initiatives across mobile edge, IoT, enterprise and device domains, identifying and aligning technical and commercial approaches into shared platforms under a single business initiative. We build for near-term use cases like delivery and caching of high-throughput content, private cellular networks and vCPE/uCPE enterprise solutions, as well as longer-term use cases like AR/VR, V2X functionality and industrial automation, so that you get the most out of your edge investments.

In addition to building and maintaining Edge Compute infrastructures, Aricent also offers our own open-source edge platform, Ensconce. Together, these tools provide:

* A developer community for the next generation of applications
* Established communications infrastructure, network and platform with a multi-cloud environment
* Network automation and intelligence for improved customer experience
* A Proven Edge Infrastructure with PaaS software building blocks
* Over 500 Micro-data center and multi-access edge experts
* A comprehensive 5G offering that spans Access, Core, Transport and Backhaul

To learn about accelerating edge computing adoption, watch our webinar.

To read about turning vision into practice with telco edge computing, read our white paper.

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