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Opengear NetOps Automation Platform



The Opengear NetOps Automation Platform provides a centralized management solution for NetOps workflows, enabling the management of the network from a central location, and minimizing the need for human intervention on the data center floor or at the edge of the network. The NetOps Automation platform is built on a network of distributed Opengear appliances enabling presence and proximity at each enterprise location. Managed through the Lighthouse software interface with containerized NetOps Modules providing specialized functionality, business processes become easy to abstract, implement and automate. Along with Lighthouse, the platform operates on the OM2200 Operations Manager and the IM7200 Infrastructure Manager.

The OM2200 allows network admins to automate many of the workflows that are traditionally managed at the rack level, through this secondary management plane. Containerized NetOps modules enable functionality far beyond simple out-of-band access, driving increased automation across the distributed network. The OM2200 uses an open architecture to sequence and coordinate actions; ensure physical security at untrusted sites; manage configuration and image files; and run distributed container applications. The appliance incorporates a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip to ensure security of firmware and configuration integrity, even when deployed at a remote, unsecure location; and includes LTE-A cellular connectivity to allow reliable access to the equipment during start-up (before the production network is available), and during network outages.

The Lighthouse centralized management software is the single pane of glass through which all the network nodes are controlled. Containerized modules can be applied to various NetOps workflows, and the platform utilizes standard DevOps tools such as Ansible, Docker and Git to allow rapid development of modules as new challenges appear.

To learn more about how secure provisioning through the NetOps Automation Platform works, view our A Series of Fortunate Secure Provisioning Events storygraphic or watch our video.

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