Adobe Experience Platform

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Adobe Experience Platform

The Adobe Experience Platform was built for the purpose of making digital experiences. The platform uses data from the Open Data Initiative, which means that all data is working together to make the best customer experience. It weaves all of your critical customer data together, including CRM, first-party data and behavioral, transactional, financial and operation data.

The platform offers:

* Enterprise Data Pipeline: Centralize data from all sources, including Adobe Experience Cloud, CRM, ERP, commerce, sales, product usage and more.
* Unified Customer Profile: Drive consistent, relevant experiences with complete, real-time customer profiles that reflect behavior across all channels and devices.
* Data Science and Analysis: Interpret your data in milliseconds with advanced AI from Adobe Sensei, and analyze with a SQL query tool to understand what your customers need right now.
* Open, Extensible Architecture: Build your own customer applications that take advantage of this powerful data foundation so you can deliver the experiences that only you can make.
* Standardization and Privacy: Standardize your data on one data model, and take control of your data with native privacy tools to comply with the latest privacy laws and regulations.

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