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Open Network Switch Library (OpenNSL) is a library of Open Networking APIs that enable the development of innovative open source networking projects. It allows developers to customize, enhance and deliver differentiated solutions. Broadcom brings together the world of over-taxed data centers and data center networking leveraging open source applications and software, with its recent release of an open-source software package for its industry-leading switching silicon that will allow customization of data center operations. OpenNSL is a software interface with a set of APIs that enable the development of new applications on top of Broadcom StrataXGS and StrataDNX switches, giving customers the flexibility to tailor their network equipment and meet unique infrastructure requirements.

With the OpenNSL software platform, Broadcom provides APIs that map Broadcom's Software Development Kit (SDK) to an open north bound interface, enabling the integration of new applications and the ability to optimize switch hardware platforms. This gives users the freedom to control their technology, share their designs and boost application innovation. Examples include network monitoring, load balancing, service chaining, workload optimization and traffic engineering.

OpenNSL software is available in two packages:

* An OEM & ODM Development Package (ODP), which is a full source code package distributed under Broadcom SLA
* A Community Development Package (CDP), which is an Open API library with Application Development Kit distributed on GitHub

In order to deliver OpenNSL, Broadcom partnered with HP, Facebook, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, NTT, Accton, Big Switch Networks and Quanta Cloud Technology. To learn more about this multi-company library and open networking becoming a reality, watch our webinar or read our data sheet.

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