Aeris IoT Asset Management

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Aeris IoT Asset Management

The Aeris IoT Asset Management platform provides a complete solution from connectivity to a device, data storage in the cloud, analytics and analysis of the data, to pre-built solution modules thereby delivering OEMs a simple path to a branded solution. These building blocks, which include asset location, alerting, workflow, reporting and social access, can be configured to meet specific OEM use cases.

The platform enables OEMs to move from deploying a single point solution to leveraging the data for multiple solutions within the value chain. The always-on asset management service offers secure data, as the traffic is separate from the public internet.

Aeris IoT Asset Management provides:

* End-to-end asset management, regardless of industry, device location, amount of data generated, or billing requirements
* Real-time access to data usage, alert management and device connectivity management
* Easily deployed global solution allows faster time to market
* Simple set-up solution, ready to go out of the box, with reliable global connectivity, which resolves key business processes
* SIMs installed at the point of manufacture, thereby removing the need for time-consuming and costly local configuration

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