Monitor Real-time Operational Data

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Monitor Real-time Operational Data

GE Energy Japan, a division of GE, has partnered with NTT DoCoMo to provide a new Internet of Things solution that will combine GE Digital Energy’s MDS Orbit Platform, a wireless router for industrial equipment, and NTT DoCoMo’s communication module.

GE’s platform with NTT DoCoMo’s embedded communication module will enable private companies with infrastructure facilities, as well as government customers, to monitor real-time operational data, such as temperature and vibration, on infrastructure equipment. The solution will provide data for remote areas on roads and bridges, plants, electricity, gas and water.

By combining the operational data acquired by GE’s Orbit platform with NTT DoCoMo’s application on the Toami IoT cloud platform, users will be able to manage the data on their smartphones and tablets. This feature can serve as a predictive diagnostic tool to prevent failures and assist in preserving aging facilities. The cloud-based platform will enable customers to receive added value instantly without having to make any additional capital investments.

GE’s Orbit platform employs housing for industrial equipment data communication and includes security. GE selected NTT DoCoMo’s communication module for the embedded solution based on the variety of industrial M2M communication experiences and the resulting signal quality qualification.

Through this cooperation scheme with GE, the Japanese telecom operator will promote its +d initiative to create new value by collaborating with various outside partners.

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