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Offers holistic assurance of NFV and SDN assets and enables businesses to operationalize virtual network investments. Monitors the application, virtual and physical components independently and dynamically models the relationships between them providing a complete picture of how a disaggregated function is performing. Offers comprehensive capabilities to handle the volatility and elastic nature of cloud and SDN infrastructure and complements orchestration and completes the stack with a feedback loop into orchestration and cloud controllers.

Provides open, bi-directional API integrations to popular orchestration systems. These integrations provide automatic stitching of discovered virtual assets, providing a complete graph of resources for each service. Provides complete end-to-end visualization of all NFV and SDN services that are both hierarchical and multi-layer. This visualization also includes integrated alarming, availability, performance, service quality and SLA conformance information, making it a single view for comprehensive assessment of service health. Benefits include:

* Dynamic and accurate view of which resources support each virtual service
* Consolidated view of the health of each service and resource
* Quick troubleshooting of impacted services

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