Matrixx Virtual Network Enablement

Product Name
Matrixx Virtual Network Enablement

Enables MVNOs and MVNEs to build digital propositions for retail customers based on real-time service charging. This out-of-box solution allows them to differentiate propositions with new offers, rapid price plan changes, an interactive self-care app and loyalty rewards to improve the customer experience, while minimizing MNO integration and reducing the overall cost to serve based on a lightweight architecture, which minimizes MNO integration and streamlines offer definition through product configuration. It delivers rich functionality quickly, with minimal deployment costs in a scalable low cost operating model. Retail customers can view their usage in real-time, set personalized alerts, purchase application specific plans (e.g. a Facebook pass) and get instant access to new purchases. Policy rules can also be applied to allow customers to continue to access the network once credit is exhausted but at reduced speeds using throttling/shaping.

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