Industrial IoT Kit

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Industrial IoT Kit

For customers looking at easily connect an industrial solution to the cloud, this Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT SDK built on TIís Sitara AM437x platform. The kit enables developers to use the AWS IoT functionality from connected devices and from mobile and web applications. Connect to AWS services to store, process, analyze and act on volumes of data that will be generated by connected devices. Consists of a small footprint, high-performance AM437x-based hardware enabled with the AWS IoT. Features extensive integration, such as quad core PRU-ICSS, PowerVR SGX 3D acceleration core, dual camera, QSPI-NOR, up to 512KB on-chip memory, Dual ADC and an easily extendable architecture. The Kit also has interfaces for LCD, Camera Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM and McASP that can help developers build industrial application devices.

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